Inventing the wheel

Jag Srai, Head of the IfM’s Centre for International Manufacturing, took part in The Forum, a recent BBC World Service programme discussing the history of the wheel and its twenty-first century uses in modern logistics and performance art.

The programme was hosted by BBC journalist, Bridget Kendall. She was joined by Jag, award-winning Cyr Wheel dancer, Valerie Inertie and Richard Bulliet from Columbia University whose book The Wheel challenges assumptions about the origins of the wheel.

Jag talks about designing supply chains and, in particular, the logistics behind the transport of food and goods, often from one continent to another. He explains how timing is vital: from an awareness of the perishability of the produce to understanding the complex web of transport links which are needed to deliver the product in time to consumers who now expect ‘same day delivery’ at the touch of a button.

Listen to the programme here.

Date published

13 May 2016

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