Capturing value from global networks

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A ‘global value network’ consists of all the value-adding firms involved in the supply of products and services to end users. Managing these networks has become increasingly challenging as firms specialise within the value chain and become more globally dispersed. This report describes the research and real-world application of innovative approaches for guiding strategy and policy in this rapidly changing field.


The imperative

The vertically integrated business of the twentieth century has become the ‘global value network’ of today. Organisations that are able to align these complex value networks with their strategic aims have an opportunity to achieve clear differentiation from their competitors.


Integrated research and practice

The IfM’s Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM) pursues an extensive programme of research and real-world application of new approaches for the strategic configuration of global value networks, working closely with a community of industrialists, policymakers and academics.



Recent features 

Connecting the unconnected

Connecting the unconnected

Keeping the supply chain flowing

Keeping the supply chain flowing

Twenty-first century supply chains: Transforming the pharmaceutical industry

The lost art of risk management


The lost art of risk management



Strategic network design

CIM has developed a set of structured approaches, based on research, for the strategic design of global value networks. This section of the 'Capturing Value from Global Networks' report describes how these common approaches are used to address different elements within the value chain and shows how they have been applied in a number of multinational companies to achieve significant business benefits.

Emerging themes

Ongoing research activities are focused on creating the next generation of strategic approaches in response to some of the most pressing themes identified by industry. These themes are all explored in the second section of the 'Capturing Value from Global Networks' report in terms of their impact on global value networks.



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Working with multinational companies to capture value from their international operations


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Strategic approaches to configuring international production, supply and service operations


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