IfM takes part in servitization workshops in China

Senior academics and researchers from the IfM were invited to participate in two workshops on the topic of servitization, held in China.

Professor Sir Mike Gregory, Professor Andy Neely, Dr Chris Pearson, Dr Yongjiang Shi, Dr Mukesh Kumar and Jingchen Hou took part in the Europe-China High Value Engineering Network (EC-HVEN) International Workshop 2013 held in Harbin on 21 and 22 April. The workshop on “State of the Art for Data and Information Use within Support Services” saw academics and industrialists share their experiences and expertise as they explored current research, practice and challenges. Andy Neely, head of the Cambridge Service Alliance, gave a presentation on “Innovating Your Business Model: Making the Shift to Services” and proposed a framework to explain major issues in providing support services.

Andy was also invited to participate in a second workshop, Manufacturing Servitization Hangzhou Workshop, held in Hangzhou on 24 April, with a talk on “Current Trends in Global Manufacturing Servitization”. Participants, who included university researchers and CEOs and presidents of four local firms, discussed topics such as “Exploring the shift to services and solutions” and “The challenges and responses of shifting to solutions”. The workshop considered the current state and future direction of servitization in Chinese manufacturing, and provided both researchers and entrepreneurs with new insights.

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Date published

22 May 2013

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