Growth through effective innovation & technology

Innovation is key to growth – but how do you manage it efficiently and how do you go about deciding what new product or process to invest in?

David Probert, head of the Centre for Technology Management at the Institute for Manufacturing, explains how companies can develop their capabilities across the three core elements of innovation and technology management: strategy, system and the organisation’s culture.


In today’s uncertain and challenging economic environment, it has never been so true that innovation is key to growth. Even large, solid companies which managed to become sector leaders in the past are not safe anymore, due to the ever-changing technology landscape as well as disruptive innovations coming onto the market, one after the other.


In order to remain competitive, firms of all types and sizes need an effective innovation and technology management plan which addresses three interrelated core elements: strategy, system and people.


To read more, please visit The Manufacturer website where the article first appeared in February 2015.


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