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Developing new products, services and processes is vital to profitable – and sustainable – growth. And these tasks are now more urgent and more taxing then ever before. The companies we work with face an array of external and internal challenges: globalisation, new and more agile competitors, demands for faster rates of innovation to realise market potential, the sheer pace of change in many areas of new technology, and the greater costs of development as technology advances and systems become more complex.


Against this background of change and uncertainty, companies need to develop an innovation and technology strategy and system which support their business objectives and enable them to develop the new products, services and processes that will secure their long-term futures. In today’s dynamic business environment, this is not a one-off exercise as companies respond to changing circumstances by creating new business models and strategies to which their innovation and technology activities must adapt. And none of this is possible without people who have the knowledge, skills and motivation to create and manage these systems and who are supported in their efforts by a positive company culture.


How we can help

IfM ECS has a portfolio of flexible yet coherent innovation and technology management approaches and techniques which we customise to address your company’s needs. Developed by University of Cambridge researchers and put into practice by our team of experienced consultants, these approaches have robust theoretical underpinnings and have been extensively tested through practical application. The flexibility and scalability of our methods are key: they can be used together to provide a total innovation and technology management development programme or they can be used selectively to meet an organisation’s particular challenges.


We work with manufacturing and technology-intensive companies to develop their capabilities across the three core elements of innovation and technology management: the strategy, the system and the people and organisation. We can also help when any or all of these elements need to respond to fundamental changes in the business context, strategy and model.



Managing technology to generate business value

How good is your company at managing its technology to generate business value?

The development of successful new products and services is critical for profitable, sustainable growth. Investing in new technology is often essential but represents a significant challenge in today’s globalised and rapidly changing markets.



What is different about IfM ECS and the way we work?

Everything we do is based on research from one of the world’s leading universities.

We use collaborative processes to develop strategies and action plans which gain buy-in and communicate the results throughout the organisation and beyond.

We share our tools and techniques with you so you can continue to use them after the project has finished.

We have worked with hundreds of organisations around the world, including companies such as BAE Systems, BP, GKN, the Linde Group, Philips, Rexam and Rolls-Royce, helping them develop and put in place successful innovation and technology management strategies and systems.


Companies face a variety of innovation and technology challenges. For example, how do you:

Make sure that R&D is doing what the business needs it to do

Maintain a healthy innovation pipeline

Strike the right balance between risk and opportunity

Back the right technologies

Identify synergies across the business

Form successful partnerships with organisations such as universities and start-ups

Design products, processes and services which really meet customers’ needs

Equip people with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes

Reorganise your R&D to support new business structures, such as moving from regional to global business units?


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