The future of supply chain data management

Looking at the latest developments in supply chain research with Aerospace giant Boeing, including developing components with in-built intelligence which use the latest technologies to assess and manage their own service needs.


Introducing the latest developments in supply chain technology research at aerospace giant Boeing. Themes include Rapid Materials Response, the Hybrid Intelligent Supply Chain and Self-serving Assets. The self-serving assets project, developed in collaboration with the IfM's Distributed Information and Automation Lab, will be presented in detail. This exciting project uses auto-ID technologies, sensors and Artificial Intelligence software, to enable aircraft components to assess and manage their own maintenance needs. This aims to maximise the components life in service through contacting, selecting, procuring and monitoring service providers. The project aims to provide a flexible architecture that will ensure decision optimality, be customizable, and scalable as we are potentially looking into a technology that could see thousands of autonomous assets in the supply chain. The project raises various interesting research questions such as how do we ensure truthfulness in automated systems? How do we balance stakeholder goals in an asset's lifecycle? These questions help us shape the self-serving asset, which brings about a powerful technology and an operational shift in service and maintenance.