Healthcare webinar series

Discover the latest healthcare research emerging from the Institute for Manufacturing and other partners within the Cambridge healthcare ecosystem. These webinars will draw from projects across the IfM highlighting the impact of research and drawing on insightful case studies.

Upcoming webinars:


Patient flow modelling and resource demand prediction during COVID-19

Tuesday 15 September, 2pm

IfM expert: Dr Ajith Parlikad, Reader in Asset Management, IfM


Hospitals worldwide faced an unprecedented and uncertain influx of patients with a high-resource consumption during the first wave of COVID-19. Hospitals were required to make regional predictions on hospital admission and resource requirements to plan, prepare and respond to the crisis.


This webinar will provide insights based on the experience and modelling efforts of Addenbrookes Hospital, based in Cambridge (UK), to predict local hospital admissions, model patient flows through the hospital and estimate subsequent use of resources.


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Test, Tag and Trace: A digital solution to get organisations back to work, safely

Tuesday 22 September, 2pm

IfM expert: Dr Veronica Martinez, University Lecturer, Cambridge Service Alliance, IfM


This webinar will give an overview of research demonstrating how organisations can use widely available, low-cost technology to provide greater protection to employees as they return to work.


The proposed approach, test, tag and trace, if carefully implemented and properly communicated to employees, will enable businesses to re-open more effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Responding in times of crisis: How the IfM helped develop a new ventilator sharing device

Thursday 1 October, 2pm


Volunteers from the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge, responded to a request from clinicians at Royal Papworth Hospital to develop a device that, if needed in an emergency, could be attached to a ventilator to enable two COVID-19 patients to receive tailored respiratory support.


The new device – which is still in testing and not yet approved for clinical use – illustrates that it is possible to split the air flow from one ventilator to mechanically support the breathing of two sedated patients with different lung capacity and changing breathing needs.


In this webinar, experts from the IfM will discuss how the solution evolved and developed through collaboration with experts from Royal Papworth Hospital and Cambridge Design Partnership, with generous support from a wide selection of respiratory equipment manufacturers across the UK and the world.


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