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  • Druilhe, C. and Garnsey, E. (2000), 'Emergence and Growth of High-tech Activity in Cambridge and Grenoble',Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 12, pp. 163-171.
  • Druilhe C. and Garnsey E. (2000), 'The incubation of Academic Spin-off Companies', Proceedings of the High Technology Small Firm Conference 2000 , 22-23 May, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands ( published as ' Academic spin-off ventures: a resource-opportunity approach' in During, W., Oakey, R. and Kauser, S. Eds. 2001, New Technology Based Firms in the New Millennium, Oxford: Pergamon) .
  • Farrukh C., Phaal R., Probert D.R., Gregory M. and Wright J., (2000), "Developing a Process for The Relative Valuation of R&D Programmes" R&D Management Journal, Volume 30, No.1, pp43-53.
  • Antelme R.G., Moultrie J. and Probert D.R., (2000), "Engineering reuse: A framework for improving performance" The 2000 IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology (ICMIT 2000), 12 - 15 November 2000, Singapore
  • Phaal R., Farrukh C.J.P. and Probert D.R., (2000), "Tools for technology management - structure, organisation and integration" The 2000 IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology (ICMIT 2000), 12 - 15 November 2000, Singapore
  • Yeung C. and Holden T, (2000), "Knowledge re-use as engineering re-use: Extracting values from knowledge management" Third International Conference on Practical aspects of Knowledge Management, 30 - 31 October 2000, Basel, Switzerland.
  • Phaal R., Farrukh C.J.P. and Probert D.R., (2000), "Practical framework for technology management and planning" The 2000 IEEE International Engineering Management Conference, 13 - 15 August 2000, Albuquerque
  • Farrukh C.J.P., Phaal R. and Probert D.R., (2000), "Technology roadmapping - linking technology resources into business planning"Manufacturing Innovative Manufacturing (MIM 2000) 17-19 July 2000, Aston Business School, Birmingham
  • Farrukh C.J.P., Phaal R. and Probert D.R., (2000), "Technology management: integrating technology into business planning"Eleventh Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society - POM 2000 - 1-4 April 2000, San Antonio, Tx 
  • Miller D., Garnsey E. (2000), 'Entrepreneurs and technology diffusion; How diffusion research can benefit from a greater understanding of entrepreneurship'Technology in Society , 22 (2000) 4445-465.
  • Phaal R., Farrukh C.J.P. and Probert D.R., (2000), "Fast-Start Technology Roadmapping" 9th International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT 2000), February 2000, Miami 
  • Platts K.W., Probert D.R. and Cáñez L.E., (2000), "Make vs.Buy Decisions: A Process and a Case"11th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, 21-15 February 2000
  • Probert D.R., Phaal R. and Farrukh C.J.P., (2000), "Development of a structured approach to assessing technology managment practice" Instn. Mech. Engrs., Vol. 214, Part B, pp 313-321



  • Minshall T.H.W. and Garnsey E.W. (1999), "Building production competence and enhancing organizational capabilities through acquisition: the case of Mitsubishi Electric" International Journal of Technology Management, Vol.17, No.3, pp.312-333
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  • Farrukh C.J.P., Phaal, R., Probert, D.R., (1999), "Tools for technology management: dimensions and issues"PICMET 99 Conference (July), Portland, Oregon.
  • Cáñez L. and Probert D., (1999) "Technology sourcing: the link to make-or-buy"PICMET 99 Conference(July), Portland, Oregon. 
  • Probert D., Cáñez L., Phaal R., (1999), "Technology foresight as a key element in make-or-buy strategy".PICMET 99 Conference (July), Portland, Oregon.
  • Probert, D.R., C.J.Paterson, N.Robinson, M.J.Gregory (1999) "Linking technology into business planning: theory and practice "International Journal of Technology Mgt, Special issue on Technology, Opportunity Forecasting, Vol 18, No. 1/2, pp.11-30
  • Minshall, T.H.W., (1999), 'A resource-based view of alliances: The case of the handheld computer industry.'International Journal of Innovation Management, Vol.3, No 2, page 159.
  • Farrukh, C.J.P., Phaal, R., Probert, D.R., Gregory, M. and Wright, J., 'Developing a process for the relative valuation of R&D programmes'R&D management, Vol 30, No 1, pp43-45, Jan 2000.
  • Case study strategic make-or-buy review (SEE 1998)
  • Park, J. and Probert, D.R., 'Authority delegation model of organisational decision-making and decision quality evaluation'UK (INFORMS).
  • Snaddon, D.R. and Probert, D.R., (1999), 'A theory for industrial make-buy decisions?'South African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, NS Vol 2. No 3, pp423-441, September 1999.



  • Paterson, C.J., Phaal, R., Probert, D.R., Gregory, M.J., (1998), "Technology management process assessment: implementation factors" Presented at IAMOT Orlando, Florida, 16-20 February 1998 
  • Phaal, R., Paterson, C.J., Probert, D.R., (1998), "Technology management in manufacturing business: process and practical assessment" Technovation, Vol 18, No 8/9 August/September 1998 
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  • Probert, D.R. and Venus, A.D., (1998), "Stimulating intellectual capital: industry/academic experience of technology management networking" Presented at Jupiter, Grenoble, 2-5 November 1998
  • Canez, L., Probert, D.R. and Platts, K. (1998), Case Study within ''Is business changing for manufacturing-strategic make-or-buy review: case study''The foundation for Manufacturing and Industry, August 1998.
  • Garnsey E., 1998, "The genesis of the high technology milieu: A study in complexity", International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol 22 No 3 pp 361-377
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  • Skilbeck J.N. & C.M.Cruickshank (1997) "A framework for evaluating technology management processes in technology based businesses"PICMET, Portland Oregon
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  • Phaal, R., Paterson, C., Probert, D.R., Gregory, M.J., (1997), "Management of technology - process assessment: a case study" Presented at BAM 97, Conference of the British Academy of Management, London, September 1997
  • Phaal, R., Paterson, C.J., Probert D.R., Hughes, D.J., (1997), "Linking technology to the market: a top down appraisal within a multi-business organisation" Presented at 7th International Forum on Technology Management in Kyoto, Japan, 3-7 November, 1997
  • Paterson, C.J., Phaal, R., Probert, D.R., Gregory M.J., Wright, J.R., (1997) "Developing a tool for the relative valuation of R&D" Presented at 7th International Forum on Technology Management in Kyoto, Japan, 3-7 November, 1997



  • Probert, D.R., (1996) "International technology management - what relevance to the choice of manufacturing process technology?" Presented atAPMS '96 Conference, Kyoto, Japan Nov 1996
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  • Probert, D. R., (1996) "The practical development of a make or buy strategy: the issue of process positioning"Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Vol.7, No.2, pp 44-51



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  • Skilbeck, J.N. and D.R.Probert (1995) "Developing practical processes for technology management "IMechE Seminar Paper, December
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