Software Sourcing Checklist

Software Checklist Tool


Click on the appropriate link to download either the paper checklist or the software checklist tool.


Paper checklist

Checklist tool


The checklist tool runs on Windows. Executing the self-installer will  install the tool on your system, and it can then be launched from the  start menu, under Software Sourcing Checklist.


Alternatively you can download the  zipped archive of source HTA and XML files, and extract them to a directory of  your choice. The tool is then launched by double clicking on the file index.hta.


There are notes on how to use the tool displayed within the tool itself. If desired, the file statements.xml containing the checklist items can be edited to add extra items that are particularly relevant in your business (and we'd be very interested to hear about these and  support you in doing it, within the other constraints on our time). We'd be particularly interested  if you have more or better "case snippets" that illustrate any of the items, and would be keen to  include anonymised accounts of these in later versions of the tool.  


Note: the software is available for free download under the Gnu Public License but comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.





Many thanks to all the companies who participated in interviews that supported the research project that produced this tool:

  • AND Technology Research
  • Biochrom
  • Philips Digital Systems Laboratories
  • Pi Research
  • ThermoSpectronic
  • Amino Communications
  • BOC Edwards
  • BT
  • CERC
  • Comstax
  • De Beers Consolidated Mines
  • Domino Printing Sciences
  • Endress and Hauser
  • Graseby Medical
  • Noel Village
  • PCME
  • Philips Semiconductors
  • Plasmon
  • Servomex
  • Symbian
  • The Automation Partnership
  • TTPCom
  • Racal Acoustics
  • Sepura
  • Vecta Consulting
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