A high impact framework for accelerating innovation

Alejandro Torres-Padilla * (Dux Diligens)
Ricardo Gonzalez-Nakazawa (IfM ECS)
Robert Phaal (IfM CTM)
David Probert (IfM CTM)


Many innovation approaches have been developed, addressing innovation challenges to a greater or lesser extent. However, the subject remains highly fragmented in terms of frameworks, models, methods, techniques and tools, which makes the job of practitioners a difficult one. A ‘universal’ framework is envisioned, which can address innovation challenges effectively and can be applicable to organisations of different types, situated in different contexts. The current status of its development is described in this document. The framework is called the ‘High Impact Innovation Framework For Innovation’ (HiFFi). The HiFFi framework consists of a set of principles, enabling elements, subsystems, and a visual management space (the ‘Touch Room’). The core device of a HiFFi system is a Roadmap, providing a focal point for strategy and innovation activities, and an integrative framework to which other management tools can readily connect.



Keywords: Innovation framework, holistic approach, roadmap


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