Successful webinar on Total Information Risk Management

IfM held a successful webinar outlining a new approach to quantifying the business value of high quality data and the risk to businesses of poor quality data.

Based on research completed within IfM, Total Information Risk Management (TIRM) applies formal risk management processes to address information quality risks.


The focus of the webinar on April 10 was the use of TIRM to quantify those risks; to generate the business case for data quality projects; and to prioritise data quality initiatives.


During the 45 minute webinar, Dr Ajith Parlikad and Dr Philip Woodall of the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL) discussed the business issue; summarised the research that led to TIRM; and demonstrated the application of the approach using a case study.


Participants included companies in sectors as varied as utilities, transport, retail, software development, infrastructure management and pharmaceuticals.



Organisations interested in understanding more about TIRM can view a recording of the webinar here or purchase the book Total Information Risk Management here


Organisations interested in working with IfM ECS to provide an information risk assessment should contact Jim Trueman at