Remedies Partners' Meeting

Following the recent release of capital spend and funds for recruitment, a full Remedies consortium partner meeting was held at the IfM Cambridge to review progress on individual project workstreams and agree forward plans.

The review meeting included workstream presentations, break-out sessions evaluating emerging opportunities and cross-project linkages, and feedback from external advisors. The full partner meeting followed separate steering group and workstream leaders’ meetings earlier in the week as well as several individual workstream meetings held at the IfM. External advisors complimented the team on the progress made and on the organisation and review structures for this multi-workstream, multi-strand activity. Prospective partners Johnson Matthey and AMT joined the meeting to discuss the proposed new workstream on ‘enzymes in flow’. A key issue was how to link up with other relevant stakeholders beyond the Remedies project as keen interest from other pharmaceutical firms was noted, particularly in relation to the platform projects and selected application workstreams.


The next meeting of the full partner group will be held at the new Technology Innovation Centre, part of the CMAC University of Strathclyde facilities, in Glasgow, March 2016.


For more details about the Remedies programme, please visit here.



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Date published

23 September 2015

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