Podcast - Making the Shift to Services in the Animal Health Industry

The Cambridge Service Alliance researchers emphasise how important two way communication is in manufacturing firms that make a shift to services - 


The Animal Health industry (download the report) is used to offering 'services' as add on’s or extras free of charge so it is important for organisations in that sector who want to begin a 'shift to services' in order to take customer on the service transition journey with them. Whereas products are sold as a one-off transaction, selling services to a customer could last the lifetime for them and the organisation that makes the sale.


This research confirms what is already known about the servitisation of manufacturing and how important it is to enter what may be a slow but constant journey with customers, even if at times it is painful and bumpy along the way.


Organisations will need to have leaders who have the vision and sense of urgency to build on the potential of this journey, and communicate it to their staff, particularly the sales team, who will also need to feed messages back up to the top tier of management. 


To listen to the podcast on the Cambridge Service Alliance website, please visit here.



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Date published

25 August 2015

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