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Clare Farrukh has been running a STIM 2019 project called Innovation Velocity, developing profiling and workshop approaches to be used by companies to gain a wider understanding of external and internal technologies. She plans to continue this work into STIM 2020, to develop case study applications and explore the benefits of combining the two perspectives, for example to compare internal or external technology development paths or increase the speed of open innovation. Clare has also proposed a second STIM 2020 project to explore how to make routine innovation management tasks more self-sustaining.

An ongoing development interest is the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Diagnostic which is planned to be applied further as we build towards a working paper. This tool aims to reflect current perceptions of practice across a defined part of an organisation focusing on TIM issues as covered by the ISAEP model of technology management and the Pentathlon model of innovation management. It is noted that defining the unit of analysis and specific organisational context is of primary importance in such discussions to allow well founded conclusions to be drawn.

Clare is co-author on two papers recently submitted for review - one to Technological Forecasting and Social Change Journal based on a previous STIM project with Dr Maria Holgado, focusing on integrating sustainable value thinking into technology forecasting by means of a configurable toolset for early stage technology assessment. The second one, on how to evaluate and update the technology roadmapping process, has been submitted to R&D Management Journal by Dr Sungjoo Lee and Professor Youngjung Geum.

Clare is working on three publications with Dr Nicky Athanassapoulou. Two are planned on Portfolio and Selection, using the opportunity v feasibility selection criteria data collected by IfM-ECS applications based on research by Dr Rick Mitchell and Dr Rob Phaal. Each paper takes a different perspective, one focusing on a large company case and the other on data from SMEs/Start-ups. The third paper is a review of social sciences student placements in technology firms, working with Dr Konstantina Stamati of the Cambridge Social Sciences Partnership, who managed the initiative.

For further information, please contact Clare cjp2@cam.ac.uk

Date published

9 December 2019

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