Clare Farrukh

Senior Research Associate

Academic Interests

Technology management tool development and application, focusing on workshop approaches to encourage technical/commercial discussion. Recent projects include:

  • Light-Weighting Innovation Strategy
  • STM Toolkits - cataloguing
  • Innovation Management for SMEs
  • Marketing Technology - a guide to building the business case for technology
  • Managing Technology and Knowledge across Organisational Boundaries
  • Business Appraisal of Technology Potentials
  • Technology Management - a process approach
  • Strategic Technology Management - linking technology resources to company objectives
  • Fast-start Technology Roadmapping
  • NPI Collaborations
  • Engineering Reuse


Following a degree in Chemical Engineering (University of Nottingham, BSc BEng) I spent six years in industry in process plant and composites manufacturing environments, involving engineering projects, production support, process improvement and new product introduction work. In 1995 I became a researcher in the area of Technology Management and have worked on a wide range of applied research projects (see above).



Please see my entry in the Department of Engineeering database, or alternatively CTM Publications.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 339812
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