Lean and agile strategies key to outsmart the competition

Dr Rob Phaal from the Centre for Technology Management at the IfM in this short video makes the case for lean and agile strategy as a source of competitive advantage.


Rob explains that lean strategy employs visual methods for communication across organisations, while agile strategy allows rapid decision making at a time of rapid changes in the external environment. IfM deploys these principles in efficient ‘fast-start’ workshops with internal and external stakeholders to support strategy and innovation within corporations and across supply chains.

Operating in a complex sector, UK manufacturing firms need to align technical and commercial strategies to compete successfully on a global basis. Rob Phaal highlights how current hardware and application developments could enable new approaches to lean and agile strategy, enabling deployment across larger corporations.



Rob has just launched the 2016 Strategic Technology & Innovation Management Consortium (STIM) programme. STIM is a practice-oriented research and networking collaboration between industrial member companies and the Centre for Technology Management.


For more information, please contact:

Dr Rob Phaal

E: rp108@cam.ac.uk


Date published

27 January 2016

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