KOKUYO apply roadmapping to support technology venture concept design and strategy visualisation

A recent pilot study in Japan saw a new application of roadmapping to support technology venture concept design and strategy visualisation. 


Based on research by Dr Yuta Hirose, Industrial Associate, IfM ECS, the pilot is part of development work in the IfM's STIM Consortium. The pilot was completed over an eight week period in October to November 2019, in cooperation with the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) in Tokyo.


KOKUYO, a top tier Japanese manufacturer specialising in stationery products and office furniture, was identified to test the utility and application of roadmapping in the pilot study. The aim was to further refine the roadmapping approach based on the testing case with KOKUYO.


KOKUYO has a wide portfolio of new digital solution development projects. One of these projects is to identify and prioritise new digital solutions combining KOKUYO’s stationery products and office furniture for the elderly care industry in Japan, neighbouring countries and then worldwide.


Collaborating with IfM for appropriate and necessary discussion and preparation, KOKUYO chose to implement the process in a self-facilitating mode, building an environment for themselves to ‘own’ the process and outputs.


The roadmapping approach designed in this project consists of ten steps to produce a strategic roadmap, aiming to help managers (or entrepreneurs) understand and navigate new technology ventures, supporting strategic alignment and dialogue with senior managers (or investors). Each step has a guiding template for analysis and evaluation, to support idea generation, strategic theme prioritisation, customer value proposition, business model, strategy visualisation relating to prototype, R&D, market entry, and scenarios and options.


Mr Katsuaki Tanaka, Manager at the Net Solution Business Unit of KOKUYO’s Business Development Centre, commented, “The structured process explicitly guided us to design technology venture concepts and visualise strategies over 2020-2030, which helped us identify and prioritise trends and drivers including changing customer and societal needs, and agree with necessary milestones such as annual revenue targets, developing a strategic direction for KOKUYO’s new digital solutions”.


For further information about the project, collaboration opportunities and other IfM Centre for Technology Management and IfM Education and Consultancy Services related events in Japan, please contact Dr Yuta Hirose.

Date published

9 January 2020

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