INDIN 2015 Conference - special session hosted at the IfM

Prof. Duncan McFarlane presented a keynote talk on “Resilience and Customisation in the Industrial Supply Chain- The Role of Information” at the plenary session of the conference.


DIAL also hosted approximately 40 delegates from universities worldwide to showcase the Robot Lab on 22nd July.


Dr Philip Woodall organised the tour that also consisted of a poster session, which provided an overview of various DIAL research projects, and a demonstration of DIAL’s facilities/asset management work, which was led by Redbite Solutions Ltd.


For the Robot Lab, a live demonstration was given, led by Alan Thorne and Raj Srinivasan, where delegates observed the operation of the automation environment based on the research carried out as part the DIAL DisTAL project with Boeing, which is investigating Disruption Tolerant Automated Lean Factories


The Automation Lab


Dr Jumyung Um presented a poster presentation of DIAL’s work on DisTAL titled “Smart tracking to enable disruption tolerant manufacturing through enhanced product intelligence”.


In addition, Philip presented two papers, the first on “Overcoming Limited Dataset Availability when Working with Industrial Organisations” from Torben Jess’s PhD work, and the second paper on “New Directions for Warehousing Data Management Research” from the DIAL ITALI project.


Furthermore, Duncan was a track chair for the “Factory Automation” technical track, Philip was a track chair for the Industrial Internet and Engineering of Automation Systems special session, and Philip also organised the special session on Knowledge and Information Management in Industries dealing with Big-data.


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Date published

26 July 2015

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