IfM providing supply chain expertise for major research collaboration to transform Indian agriculture

Dr Jag Srai, Head of IfM's Centre for International Manufacturing, is taking part in a three-day workshop in Delhi to launch the TIGR2ESS project, a major Cambridge-India reasearch collaboration funded by the Global Research Challenges Fund.


Professor Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, who is also at the launch, said: “TIGR2ESS will inform best practice in crop development and growth. It will allow greater genetic understanding of crop resilience to drought and disease. It will contribute to more effective use of scarce water supplies. It will build capacity and foster education.”


“It will empower women and entrepreneurs, and encourage innovation along the food supply chain. It will create opportunities for early-career researchers, and in doing so will contribute to India’s efforts to ensure it is able to meet the needs of its growing population. I am delighted that Cambridge is a part of this extraordinary initiative.”


The CIM team is contibuting its expertise in supply chain configuration to address food security, making supply chains as resource efficient as possible in order to minimise waste and environmental impact.


Read the University press announcement here.

Visit the TIGR²ESS website here.

Date published

23 February 2018

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