How can environmental policy motivate greener industries? Have your say

Researchers at the Institute for Manufacturing are working with the Environment Agency to explore the potential use of incentives within environmental regulation.


The project is looking at questions including:

  • What incentives would improve environmental performance of regulated business?
  • What incentivises regulated business to go beyond compliance?
  • What sustainability goals should be incentivised and how can they be achieved?

Dr Lili Jia, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Industrial Sustainability “we want to hear from companies and NGOs about the types of incentive that might encourage companies to try new approaches to sustainability and set ambitious environmental goals.


The current project is particularly focussed on the combustion, cement lime and minerals and chemicals sectors, so we would be delighted to hear the opinions of professionals working in those areas.”


Participants have until the 15 September 2019 to register an interest in taking part in the survey. This work is exploratory and is not a commitment to the use of incentives in the future.


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Date published

29 August 2019

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