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Judith Shawcross, Head of Professional and Executive Development at the IfM, explains why manufacturing and technology companies need scientists, engineers and technologists who can operate at a strategic business level, work across functional divides and integrate their technical knowledge into business planning.


Companies are facing ever more uncertainty and change – whether they are trying to understand and exploit new, disruptive technologies or dealing with the challenges of short product lifecycles and continuously evolving business models.  There is no doubt that technical experts will play a vital part in leading companies into the new digital era. But to do so, they may need a more strategic view of their organisation and a new set of capabilities.  



The IfM provides bespoke talent development programmes for manufacturing and technology companies to help them develop their technical specialists into business leaders. We also offer a wide range of open and in-company courses based on our key areas of expertise. Find out more here.


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Date published

22 December 2015

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