Creating the future in global trade & logistics

Professor McFarlane’s presentation dealt with the issue of "tracking and tracing in supply chains".

Professor Duncan


Professor Duncan McFarlane recently presented at a Symposium at Rotterdam School of Management to celebrate the Honorary doctorate awarded to Professor Hau Lee from Stanford.  Entitled "Creating the Future in Global Trade & Logistics" the workshop also involved presentations from Professor Lee, Professor Jo van Nunen from RSM. Professor McFarlane’s presentation dealt with the issue of "tracking and tracing in supply chains" focusing on practical methods for combining historical data, RFID information and appropriate models to predict the movement of goods and to estimate order arrival times which complemented the other two presentations examining strategy issues in global logistics and tanrade. There were some lively discussions from an audience of 200 Dutch and other European industrialists and academics.

Date published

21 November 2008

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