Collaboration opportunities in ‘Innovation Velocity’ and ‘Innovation Management Tasks’ projects


Company volunteers are welcome to collaborate (virtually) on two current STIM projects being run by Clare Farrukh.

The first project, Innovation Velocity, is testing approaches for companies seeking to gain a wider understanding of the time-based aspects of external and internal technologies and exploring the benefits of combining the internal and external perspectives. This involves interactive virtual workshops to:

  • Test 16 dimension profile to assess how quickly a new technology external to the company is becoming relevant
  • Test 3 part scoring review of Scheduling, Synchronising and Resource Allocation for internal technology projects
  • Combining internal and external innovation velocity - for example to compare internal or external technology development paths or increase the speed of open innovation.


The second project, Making Innovation Management Tasks self-sustaining, considers how to make routine innovation management tasks more rewarding and better supported. This was raised by a STIM member and has attracted considerable company interest throughout the STIM Consortium. So far a number of academic and practical fields have been reviewed and interaction is requested in the following areas:

  • Hold an online workshop or interview to add your company experience to the work
  • Carry out the Directional Behaviour diagnostic survey in collaboration with Cihat Cengiz (CTM)

Date published

13 August 2020

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