Circular Business Book: Collaborate and Circulate

Circular Business: Collaborate and Circulate, co-authored by Dr Nancy Bocken, previously a Research Associate at the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at the IfM, explains how you can establish a successful circular business. The Book aims to close the gap between theory and practice in the circular economy.
circular Business

The circular economy has become a hot topic with specialists in sustainability and beyond. While the interest in ‘circularity’ has increased, many companies are still struggling with how to come to grips with this concept and putting this into practice. 


10 practical steps

The book guides the reader through a process of 10 steps to initiate circular projects within an organisation, find the right collaboration partners and (financial) incentives and contracts. The authors take a positive perspective by explaining each of the steps with illustrative cases that successfully started to implement circularity. Several well known but also less-known cases are included such as Interface, Patagonia, Vitsoe, Marks & Spencer, Riversimple, Desso, Gispen and G-Star. These cases form an inspiration for companies and professionals who want to make important steps towards the move to a circular economy.


Setting the example

In collaboration with Ecodrukkers and Paperwise the book itself has become a circular economy example: it is printed using biological ink, on paper made from agri-waste. Readers are encouraged to make notes in the book and pass it on to the next user. In this way, the sub title “Collaborate and Circulate” gets a double meaning.


For more information about the book, please visit here.

Date published

18 March 2016

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