Cambridge Service Alliance Annual Report 2014



The Cambridge Service Alliance is a unique global partnership between Cambridge University and world-leading businesses – BAE Systems, Caterpillar, IBM, Pearson and Zoetis. Working together we are delivering today the tools, education and insights needed for the services and solutions of tomorrow.


Why services and solutions?

The world is changing. Customers, both business clients and end consumers, are focusing on the outcomes they want, rather than simply buying products. We are working with our partners to understand these changing requirements – both exploring what is driving them and developing ways of addressing them. A key trend is technology. Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things will open up new opportunities for creative services and support solutions. As ever greater numbers of devices are connected to the internet, firms will have unparalleled opportunities to create unique and individually customised services and solutions.


Beyond technology, other important economic and social forces are also increasing the pace of the shift to services. Environmental considerations are coming to the fore: firms that can offer great solutions which are both economically and environmentally efficient will be well placed in tomorrow’s markets. The complexity of many service and solutions offerings means that rarely can a single firm deliver the entire solution. One consequence of this is the emergence of more complex organisational forms – networks of organisations, sometimes involving competitors, working together to deliver great support to their customers. These more complex ecosystems also have longer life spans. Relationships between providers and their customers are long-lived – partnerships rather than traditional buyer–supplier relationships.


In essence, the Cambridge Service Alliance is itself a complex service ecosystem. Through deep and cooperative long-term relationships with our partners we are seeking to uncover and communicate the secrets of designing and delivering world-class services and solutions. We are always interested in hearing from and talking to others who share our interest in these issues. We hope you will find this annual report interesting and insightful and that it will stimulate you to join us as we continue to explore these new ways of doing business.


To download the annual report, please visit here.


Professor Andy Neely
Director, Cambridge Service Alliance

Date published

29 May 2015

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