Current research


Metallisation of CNTs - Jack Cook

This project is being completed in collaboration with Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR) with the aim of developing metal – CNT (carbon nanotube) paper laminates optimised for use in anodes of high power microwave devices.


Realising the new kilogram - A linear mechanism to for the next-generation Kibble balance - Charlie Jarvis

This year the kilogram will be redefined. Mass will no longer be related to a physical artefact but to a fixed value of the Planck constant. The National Physical Laboratory is developing the next-generation 'Kibble balance' for the realisation of mass post-redefinition. The balance will be a high-precision commercial instrument with an uncertainty of around one part in a billion, capable of defining the UK's mass scale. The focus of this research is the development of a novel linear guidance mechanism required for the balance.

The Application of Laser Assisted Cold Spray for Additive Manufacturing - Georgios Kokkinos

Cold spray is a metallic powder deposition technique which has been traditionally used to create coatings on substrates to repair or enhance them. Recently cold spray has been introduced to the additive manufacturing sector, being used to fabricate and/or repair free standing components. The status quo is that machining is required after the deposition to obtain the desired form and texture.




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