What is the future of servitization?

But how will servitization evolve in the future and how will it affect businesses and consumers?


Andy Neely, Head of the Cambridge Service Alliance, explains what servitization is and what opportunities it will create for manufacturers in the future.


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To read more on the topic of servitization click here or visit the Cambridge Service Alliance webpage.



Making the shift to services

Two-day workshop


Modern manufacturing firms are making the shift to services - offering services and solutions, as well as their more traditional products. Yet how do firms design this transition? What do they need to consider if they are to develop new business models which can create and capture value through services?


Drawing on the latest work from the Cambridge Service Alliance, this thought-provoking and practical two-day workshop considers how to design the shift to services. By the end of the workshop, you will understand how to design new services and improve existing ones and you will be able to use our set of design tools to support the successful integration of services into your organisations.


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Date published

4 February 2015

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