We are pleased to announce the start of TwinAIR, which is a project on indoor air quality and health, with the mission of improving urban life by tackling the challenge of indoor air quality (IAQ). The project aims to explore the design, development and application of digital twins for identifying sources and tracing a variety of pollutants and pathogens, to enhance understanding of their effects, to assess their impact on health, and to automate the improvement of air quality in indoor environments.


TwinAIR will be implemented across six diverse pilot sites in Europe (ES, IE, UK, SE, DE, EL) with demonstrations covering residential dwellings, public administration buildings, hospitals and schools, along with selected types of vehicles (buses, vans). It will provide rich evidence to transport planners, facility managers and policymakers about factors influencing IAQ and effective interventions for mitigating its effects on health and wellbeing.


Our work will focus on three key areas: (1) development of virtual sensors to reduce the cost of digital twin deployment; (2) develop the control layer of the digital twins through algorithms for optimal operation of HVAC systems based on monitored data; and (3) a toolset for optimal maintenance interventions to improve air quality at a reduced cost. For further details about the project, get in touch with Dr Jorge Merino.


Date published

31 October 2022

For further information please contact:

Dr Jorge Merino


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