Students from IfM attend Younger Scientists, Engineers and Technologists for Britain reception at the House of Commons

Dr Brian Iddon M.P. invited aspiring and enthusiastic young researchers in the UK to present posters on "leading-edge" science, engineering, medicine and technology research and compete for prestigious national awards and prizes.


Tom presented his research entitled 'Remove Toner: Re-use Paper' which investigates the removal of ink from office paper. Tom says: 'By removing the print most sheets of office paper would be immediately re-useable and this would save energy normally used in the conventional paper making and recycling processes.'


Helen also presented her research on the novel recycling of aluminium. The aim of the project is to cut the amount of energy used to recycle aluminium as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The aim of the reception is to take real research and younger researchers to Parliament and help engender better dialogue between MPs, early-stage researchers and UK's research communities.

Date published

2 March 2006

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