Rethinking manufacturing at the Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit

The IfM partnered with the Manufacturer for their Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit event in Liverpool on 14-15 November. Each year, the event offers a valuable opportunity to connect with prominent industrialists and showcase the work taking place at the IfM. 


As part of this partnership, Head of the IfM, Professor Tim Minshall, delivered a keynote to over 200 delegates on "Rethinking Manufacturing: Changing the Perspective on Manufacturing's Role in the UK Economy" offering critical insights into the sector's value.  


Tim shed light on manufacturing's pivotal role in economies and encouraged delegates to continue a dialogue for positive change in how we perceive and invest in manufacturing. The presentation was followed by questions from the audience which echoed the sentiment of Tim's presentation. 


IfM Engage also hosted an exclusive innovation-focused breakfast briefing at the event, attended by 40 senior innovation and technology leaders. Tim presented examples from the IfM’s work and industry exemplars for innovation in action.  



This was followed by a presentation by IfM Engage Industrial Associate Rob Munro, who highlighted the importance of innovation and new strategies for effective innovation management systems. 


Innovation is not just of national importance but a vital component of every company's success. IfM Engage has worked with hundreds of organisations worldwide to transform their technology and innovation agility, so it was great to share practical insights and introduce strategies to foster a culture of innovation whilst driving tangible results,” said Rob.  


The Leaders’ Summit is one of many events taking place as part of The Manufacturer Live. The IfM was also involved in the co-located TMMX Awards ceremony. The awards involve a comprehensive scoring process for nominated companies and individuals including company site visits and interviews with candidates. David Lott, CEO of IfM Engage, judged the Leadership and Strategy category.  


“Being a TMMX judge is a significant commitment in time and effort as the judging process is designed to be robust. TMMX judging is also its own reward, however, and it is always a privilege to visit such a wide and varied range of excellent manufacturing companies across the UK. I always learn a huge amount in the process,” said David.


The awards are presented to recipients at a black-tie dinner at the end of the final day of the event. Kate Willsher, COO of IfM Engage, judged the Young Manufacturer of the Year category and presented the award at the ceremony. 

Date published

27 November 2023

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