New Trends in Roadmapping


A recent report released by the CTM research project in the digitalisation of roadmapping shows that firms are keen to invest in new technologies to support roadmapping. Interactive displays, roadmapping software, digital meeting rooms and data analytics are leading the current interest of firms which participated in the global roadmapping survey conducted between January and March of 2019.


A novel ‘Roadmapping as a Service’ (RaaS) framework underpins and enables a practical service-centric approach that focuses on the needs and challenges faced by roadmapping customers (owners and sponsors, team members and facilitators), which were analysed and novel insights acquired. As a result, improvements in roadmapping applications can be explored by adding value according to these different customer perspectives.


If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the research report about the customer perspectives and digitalisation of roadmapping, please contact Dr Maicon Oliveira,

Date published

9 July 2019

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