New partnership aims to unlock a manufacturing revolution

The IfM, through it's Centre for Industrial Sustainability and EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability, is a partner in a new initiative to investigate the potential for businesses to cut energy consumption and reduce waste cut costs in ways that improve margins and create jobs.

The initiative is called the Next Manufacturing Revolution (NMR), and is a collaboration between the IfM, the 2degrees network and consulting firm Lavery Pennell.

The collaboration has identified  changes in business practices, resource use, technology and business models that have created new opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Companies such as Toyota and Xerox have already achieved substantial improvements in margins by adopting new approaches.


NMR is conducting a comprehensive survey with UK businesses the results of which will help firms to understand where they can benefit from these types of change. Participants will be able to identify the profit improvement opportunities that remain to be tapped in their organisation along the dimensions of resource efficiency, collaboration with suppliers and customers, and growth through new products and business models. Participants will gain privileged access to the detailed case studies and other data that NMR has collected.


“This research is a serious attempt to give the UK a head-start, as manufacturers around the globe wake up to a time of unprecedented opportunity,” said Dr Greg Lavery, CEO of Lavery Pennell. “If UK industry takes heed, and takes decisive action, the nation is well positioned to seize massive economic improvements. The first step for manufacturers is to learn about the opportunities – and that is precisely what our survey is designed to achieve. Our landmark project will bring benefits to every company that participates.”

To find out more contact Steve Evans or go to Next Manufacturing Revolution  


To take the online survey.

Date published

3 July 2012

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