KT Box event to introduce tools for complex engineering services

KT-Box is a unique collaboration of some of the UK's academic and industrial leaders in the new field of complex service provision.

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), in addition to the University of Cambridge the partners comprise Cranfield, Bath, Exeter, Warwick and Nottingham Universities.


With many companies recognising the need to generate more customer and shareholder value, service delivery capability is becoming a more important factor in the drive for a competitive edge.


A two hour introductory event will take place on Monday 18 June at the Wellcome Conference Centre in London. The event will introduce the KT-Box service toolkit, a range of tools developed by some of the UK’s leading universities, to help companies address the challenges they face to provide and use these services.


With some 40 tools available, KT Box can support all aspects of service capability; identifying how value is created, managing assets, information and organisation, considering operating risks and overall market context.


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Date published

31 May 2012

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