IPACST research project


The IIPM group at the Centre for Technology Management is happy to announce the start of a major international and interdisciplinary research project titled “Intellectual Property Models to Accelerate Sustainability Transitions - An Analysis of Sustainable Business Models for Clean Energy and the Circular Economy” (IPACST) with partners from the UK, India, Germany and Sweden. It is a three year research project jointly funded by the Belmont Forum and NORFACE through the Economics and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC) and the Global Challenge Research Funds (GCRF). IPACST is a joint endeavor with Prof. Nancy Bocken from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (Sweden), Prof. Carsten Dreher and Dr. Elisabeth Eppinger from the Institute of Management at the Freie University of Berlin (Germany) and Prof. Anjula Gurtoo from the Department of Management Studies at the Indian Institute of Science (India). Dr. Frank Tietze leads the project at the CTM and Dr. Pratheeba Vimalnath has recently joined as a Research Associate to work for the project. The team brings together the fields of sustainability, IP and innovation management aiming to transform our understanding of the role played by different Intellectual Property (IP) models in accelerating sustainability transitions.


For more details and latest updates about the project please visit https://ip4sustainability.org/.

Date published

3 January 2019

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