Former MET filmed at the IfM

Keno Mario-Ghai, who graduated last year, was filmed at the IfM for a television programme to go out on the Discovery Channel next year.

Provisionally entitled ‘Meet the Superbrains’, the programme is following a group of people working in new areas of science and technology, including the University of Cambridge team competing in this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – a biennial solar car race across nearly 2,000 miles of Australian Outback.


Keno led the 60-strong Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) team that designed and built Resolution, the only British car to qualify for the competition in 2013. As team manager, he had to take a painful, eleventh-hour decision not to race as there were concerns over the safety of the vehicle. Keno has since remained close to the project, both as an advisor to this year’s Cambridge team and as an official Ambassador for the Challenge.


Keno is currently working for Imagination Technologies, and studied the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos course at the Institute for Manufacturing.


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Date published

28 July 2015

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