Car-leasing models for the technological era - a new study on mobility-as-a-service

Innovative business models for modern transport are explored in a new case study-based research.

The report examines how information and communication technologies (ICT) enable new transport schemes such as Paris’ electric car-leasing system, Autolib’, and have the potential to allow electricity storage and grid management in electric vehicle (EV) batteries.


E-Mobility Services – New Economic Models for Transport in the Digital Economy’ was prepared by Cambridge Service Alliance researcher Claire Weiller for the RCUK Digital Economy Theme. The report begins with a presentation of the ways in which ICT enhance the value proposition for users by providing sophisticated information on the network and state-of-charge of the vehicle in the Autolib’ business model. This innovative model illustrates the change from traditional mobility as we know it to mobility-as-a-service.

It is then suggested that the full potential of ICT-enabled value creation in this emerging market, especially from the supply-side, has yet to be achieved. Untapped opportunities at the interface of electricity supply and ICT include the use of EV batteries for electricity storage and grid management.

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Date published

5 December 2012

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