DIAL Recommender System at the ECIS Conference

The paper is addressing the significant problem of data overload for many industrial companies. The amounts of data are continuously increasing and will do so in the future. In order to address this challenge DIAL proposed the use of an Industrial Data Recommender System (IDRS). An IDRS recommends additional data to append to the data the decision-maker is currently working with, using techniques from the recommender systems domain like content-based and collaborative filtering. Using industrial cases we found that an IDRS is capable of suggesting useful information to the decision-maker. This additional information should help them to improve their decision-making.


The work is based on Torben's work on evaluating data and providing valuable datasets to the user. The conference will be held in Münster in Germany from the 26th to the 29th May. The co-authors of the paper are Philip Woodall, former DIAL visitor Vijay Dodwani, Mark Harrison, Duncan McFarlane from DIAL and Eric Nicks and William Krechel from the Boeing company.


Further details about the conference can be found here.



Date published

28 April 2015

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