Defining the future of Australian rail travel - On Track to 2040

Opportunities and priorities for the next 30 years of the Australian rail sector have been identified in a new report prepared by The Australian National University (led by ANU Edge), supported by IfM's dissemination arm, IfM Education and Consultancy Services Ltd (IfM ECS).

Working in collaboration, IfM ECS have provided support throughout the programme developing the methodology and facilitating a key workshop.


The report, ‘On Track to 2040’, identifies opportunities for growth and improvement across the sector’s supply chain with the aim of supporting the development of a strong, innovative and globally competitive industry.


The project used the IfM’s well established roadmapping techniques to gather input for the 10-month project from more than 110 organisations, supported by targeted interviews and research.


The ‘On Track to 2040’ project has been commissioned by the Rail Supplier Advocate and funded by state and federal governments in partnership with industry.


Read the press release here.

Date published

26 June 2012

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