CUEA Annual Conference - products plus services

Poster display at the CUEA conference

Poster display at the

CUEA conference


Alumni, current students and industrialists attended the CUEA's (Cambridge University's Engineering Association) Annual Conference on 'Products and services - the changing balance of global industries' in September.


The aim of the conference was to share the experience of leading businesses in changing the balance of their operations towards a greater proportion of services and to review the implications for the economy as a whole. The DTI's Chief Economist, Vicky Pryce, opened the day with a presentation on the changing national and international context in which companies are operating, including a review of the implications for the UK economy for the trend towards services.


Other speakers included:

  • David Kynaston, Chairman, Electronics, Innovation & Growth Team, DTI (formerly Philips and Solectron) on Production capability as a service - the rise of electronic manufacturing service providers
  • Dr Steven Cook, Head of Services Strategy, Civil Aerospace, Rolls Royce plc on Delivering service through engineering and product expertise
  • John Edwards, Director, Overseas Operations, Jaguar & Land Rover on Changing the perception - from product performance to customer experience
  • Peter Featherstone, Vice President, Business Development, Alstom Power on Spare parts to global service excellence

Date published

28 September 2004

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