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"Thanks to the CTM funding scheme I was available to partially cover the cost of my attendance to the 3rd Abbè Gregoire conference in Paris (April 2018). This has been an incredible and formative experience for me, being my first academic conference as a PhD student. I had the opportunity to network and to present my work to other academics and fellow PhD students from all over Europe. It really helped to build my confidence as an early-career researcher and to develop my presentation skills. I am very grateful to CTM for the opportunity." By Valeria Dammicco



"Funding from CTM enabled my students and me to carry out the world’s largest experiment with haptic force feedback gloves. The aim of the experiment was to examine the effectiveness of virtual reality training with haptic gloves on the learning of a real industrial assembly task. The CTM grant allowed us to buy essential equipment for this large experiment (240 participants) and build new research and industrial partnerships with organisations such as John Deere and EEF." By Thomas Bohne



“The generous fieldwork and conference support of CTM has enabled me to carry out important work for my PhD. Not only was I able to attend the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley as a visiting student for three months and conduct fieldwork in Silicon Valley while there, but I was further enabled to travel to China, South Korea, and Japan in order to carry out more PhD fieldwork and compare the vibrant innovation ecosystems in each location. Finally, with CTM funding I was able to present findings from my work at the R&D Management Conference in Milan, which allowed me to experience the full circle of academic research, from data gathering in the field to research dissemination amongst colleagues. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been granted these opportunities.” By Martha Geiger




“Thanks to the CTM funding I was able to attend the R&D Management 2018 Conference in Milan. First two days of the Conference I attended the PhD Colloquium where I gained further insights into doing research, publishing in academic journals, and industry engagement. On the following days, I attended student presentations on various topics that were relevant to my research. Furthermore, I had the chance to present my paper to a global audience of researchers and receive valuable feedback. Overall, it was a very formative experience for my research and academic career. I would like to thank CTM for enabling us to attend conferences and share our work with a global audience.” By Berk Dogan



Marc will be attending the 5th World Open Innovation Conference hosted by Henry Chesbrough from 13-14th December. During his week-long stay, he will also interview venture capitalists and start-ups in the Bay Area and participate in a Cambridge in America event organised by Pavan Manocha. The week culminates by presenting his paper: “Spiders spinning their webs - Implications of social network constellations for early-stage venture valuation” to the Open Innovation Community. Marc jointly wrote the paper with Nils Foege (visiting doctoral researcher a) and Tim Minshall. Marc wants to give the presentation in front of our research group after his stay. In light of this being Marc’s first conference where he presents his work he said: “I am somewhat scared but also looking forward to the constructive feedback.” By Marc Felske



“The CTM funding has greatly helped my fieldwork in China during May to June 2018, and supported over 2/3 of the total expense of this trip. Therefore I should say, without CTM funding, this field trip cannot be fulfilled. The field trip turned out to be very helpful to my PhD research, as I collected detailed data on the selected case companies and shaped detailed case stories and initial PhD findings. Hence, the CTM funding has helped my PhD research on this crucial stage.” By Mingjin Guo

Date published

12 December 2018

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