Centre for Technology Management support Shell "opportunities for innovations" study 2006

"The business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) in tackling the causes of climate change" is a study for Shell Springboard by consultants at Vivid Economics. Elizabeth Garnsey provided the supporting material on innovation and enterprise used in that report. The Working Paper "Clean Technology Ventures and Innovation" by Elizabeth Garnsey, Nicola Dee and Simon Ford, cited in the report for Shell, is available from the IfM website.


The report for Shell estimates the size of the UK and global market opportunity for SME's in tackling the climate change. Shell Springboard awards up to £40,000 to selected small businesses with potentially successful commercial ideas for products and services that will contribute to combating climate change.


For the working paper see link below:

Clean Technology Ventures and Innovation

Date published

3 October 2006

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