Centre for Industrial Photonics - Leading the field of advanced photonic systems

The Institute for Manufacturing has launched its Centre for Industrial Photonics (CIP).

High brightness solid state fibre laser cutting

High brightness solid

state fibre laser cutting


Industrial photonics staff

Industrial photonics staff


The centre aims to provide manufacturing industries with advanced production capabilities through research, development and application of photonics based technologies.


The CIP is at the forefront in the field of advanced photonic systems and is developing leading-edge technologies and transforming them into commercially viable processes for industry. The Centre addresses future manufacturing needs through strong collaborative partnerships with government, academia and industry and is part of a global network of photonics-based research and education organizations that seek to deliver excellence in research, education, technology transfer and photonics-based business development.


Dr O'Neill said "The creation of the CIP brings together a broad range of scientists and engineers that will combine their skills to create the next generation of laser based manufacturing technologies. The outputs from the CIP will provide our collaborators with the competitive edge that will be essential for their survival in the rapidly changing global economy. We look forward to making a real difference".


Centre for Industrial Photonics

Date published

1 February 2006

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