Big Data - the art of the possible

The latest in a series of CSIC Future Technologies Workshops, Big Data – the Art of the Possible, attracted 50 leading professionals and academics from more than 30 organisations keen to discuss big data in the context of smart infrastructure and construction.

The event hosted here at the IfM, was the first of its kind to explore the ways in which big data can be harvested and used to inform and improve infrastructure planning.


CSIC works closely with many organisations at the forefront of their specific areas of expertise and these collaborations produce a range of innovative technologies that shape some of the UK’s most critical infrastructure assets, including highways, energy, train and tube systems.


The workshop presented an opportunity for CSIC Industry Partners to share knowledge about the work they are involved in, examine their experiences and provide examples of how big data can be used to improve infrastructure design, planning and functionality.


Read more here on the CSIC website.



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Date published

28 September 2015

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