Professional and Personal Development

Professional Skills


Data Gathering and Analysis

During this course, students will become adept at being able to search and logically analyse hard data, measure variables and draw relevant conclusions based on that information.


Presentation Skills

All projects end with a formal presentation and students will be coached to achieve this to a professional standard. Students will learn the importance of finding good solutions and showcasing them to colleagues and senior management.


Report Writing

Crucial in all project work, we will help develop an effective and concise style for writing reports which will be essential throughout any career.


Balancing Theory with Practice

During company visits, students will learn how companies tackle situations and develop the understanding gained from theoretical course content by comparing this to the company practice. Theory will then be enhanced through this experience, which will be unique for each company visit.


Personal Attributes


Problem Solving

Students will encounter a range of problems throughout the course and they will learn to understand why and how they happened. They wil be taught how to use a variety of analysis tools to enable them to apply them during project assignments and in turn produce solutions.



Team can contain people from completely different background, experiences, ability and attitudes to work. Students will learn to appreciate each team member for their strengths and weaknesses and understant their role within that team in order to work successfully as a group.


A 'can-do' Attitude

A positive willingness to get involved will invariably lead to success in industry. This will be developed through the course as students gain confidence in their ability. Students will arrive at company with a one-page brief and, within two weeks, will be making recommendations to the company's management.



Through the all-encompassing nature of this course, students will inevitably have to make informed decisions, use initiative to resolve problems and confidently lead and negotiate with people to work effectively in a working environment.



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