Overseas study tour

This usually takes place in April or May. Most years have two options whereby some students will elect to tour firms in Europe and others further afield. All study tours have a ‘theme’ and students complete a report on their return, as well as hosting a formal debrief seminar.



Past tours have included:


2017: Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia), investigating:

As CEO of a large multinational, would you invest in Central and Eastern Europe?

How is Industry 4.0 really enhancing the supply chain? Is it all just hype?


2017: San Francisco / Silicon Valley, investigating:

Compare and contrast technical, organisational, economic and social aspects of industrial companies in San Francisco and other companies elsewhere in the world.

Considering: sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, Internet of Things and manufacturing processes.


2016: Europe (France, Germany and Holland), investigating:

Industry 4.0. contrast six design themes involved in the internet 4.0. (Interoperability, Virtualization, Decentralization, Real-Time Capability, Service Orientation and Modularity)


2016: India, investigating:

To understand the importance of manufacturing in India and the region
To understand the characteristics of manufacturing operations in India and how these might evolve over the next 10 years in key manufacturing sectors of the economy
To provide insight into the industrial value chain in terms of Marketing, R&D, Design, Supply Management, Production, Distribution, After Sales Service and Re-Use/Manufacture/Cycle.

Study Tour to Turkey in 2013

Study tour to Turkey

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