Ventilator sharing device: Collaboration and support

The development of this prototype was made possible by the overwhelming support the development team received from volunteers across the University of Cambridge, Royal Papworth HospitalCambridge Design Partnership (CDP) as well as respiratory part suppliers and manufacturers worldwide and other volunteer teams working on similar setups who shared their discussions and designs. In particular we would like to thank:


The IfM team, which includes Ronan Daly, Alan Thorne, Duncan McFarlane, Gregory Hawkridge, Cassi Henderson, Kate Price Thomas, Christopher Jennings, Simon Sennitt, Sebastian Pattinson, Etienne Rognin, Martha Geiger, Rebecca Evans, Niamh Willis-Fox, Alice Gregory.


The Royal Papworth team, which includes consultant anaesthetists Professor Andrew Klein and Dr Chinmay Patvardhan.


Cambridge Design Partnership, including Jon Cooke and Conor Devine.


The team at the Whittle Lab who facilitated some testing with artificial lungs using their recently designed open-source ventilator.


Manufacturers and suppliers who provided quick support and essential parts to enable us to build and test the prototype, including Intersurgical Ltd, GEMU Valves Ltd, Armstrong Medical, IngMar Medical, Getinge AB, Kapitex Healthcare Ltd, Sensirion AG, Nicolay GmbH, LiDCO.



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Photo: courtesy of Royal Papworth Hospital

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