Next Generation Inkjet Technology: Academics

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Collaborators: Universities

Professor Ian Hutchings

Institute for Manfacturing

Department of Engineering

University of Cambridge


Inkjet Research Centre


Research Interests: application of tribological principles to manufacturing processes; surface engineering and related manufacturing processes; inkjet research.


Dr Graham Martin

Institute for Manufacturing

Department of Engineering

University of Cambridge


Inkjet Research Centre


Research interests: inkjet printing, fluid flows, jets and drops, acoustics, structural vibrations, micro engineering, image processing.


Professor Malcolm Mackley

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Cambridge


Polymer Fluids Group


Research interests: Oscillatory flow Mising (OFM); Rheology and Processing, Flexible Chocolate


Professor John Hinch

Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

University of Cambridge


Research Interests: Micro-hydronamics; colloidal dispersions; flow through porous media; polymer rheology; non-Newtonian fluid dynamics; mobile particulate systems; applications of mathematics to industrial problems


Professor Colin Bain

Department of Chemistry

University of Durham



Research interests: Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces, Surface Freezing, Marangoni Effects, Molecular Tribology, Structure and Kinetics of Surfactant Films, Current developmental projects: biophysical chemistry and optical tweezers.


Professor Tom McLeish

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

University of Durham (previously University of Leeds)


Research pages from the University of Leeds:


Research Interests: Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Polymer Dynamics molecular polymer rheology; dynamics of phase separation in polymeric fluids; self-assembled and biological complex fluids


Dr Oliver Harlen

Department of Applied Mathematics

University of Leeds



Polymers and non-Newtonian fluid mechanics theoretical modelling of polymeric materials and complex fluids such as particle suspensions, colloids and biological fluids


Professor Brian Derby

Manchester Materials Science Centre

University of Manchester and UMIST



Research interests: Processing-structure-property relation in a range of ceramic and ceramic-metal systems; properties of interfaces between dissimilar materials, particularly metal/ceramic interfaces. inkjet printing to fabricate ceramic components, electronic thick film devices, and tissue scaffolds.


Professor Ken Walters

Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The University of Wales



Rheology - Modelling and Computation Research interests: flow behaviour of elastico-viscous liquids; analysis and implementation of numerical techniques for solving a wide range of problems in fluid mechanics


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