Next Generation Inkjet Technology: Consortium


Cambridge is an area where a number of inkjet related enterprises have become established. These enterprises have tended to focus on the industrial application of inkjet using both continuous and on-demand printer technology. This "cluster" stems from ICI funded work at Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL) in 1975. This initial project explored the use of arrays of continuous inkjets to print variable images at high speed onto fabric. A group was established at CCL which continued to work in this area leading directly (ie spin offs) or indirectly to companies such as Domino, Linx, Xaar and IncaDigital. Domino and Linx develop and manufacture continuous inkjet printers as well as other inkjet and laser based printing systems. Xaar have their own unique drop-on-demand print head technology while IncaDigital use a variety of inkjet print heads in flatbed printing systems.


Also in the Cambridge area is Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) who use inkjet as part of the process to manufacture polymeric light emitting diode.


All these Cambridge area companies are part of the project consortium. Also members are FFEI Ltd a company with many interests in conventional and inkjet printing technology, and Sericol and Sun-Jet who specialize in the design and manufacture of inks and polymers for inkjet.


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