New inkjet printing method could accelerate drug discovery and printed personalised drug delivery

IfM researchers have demonstrated – for the first time – the digital inkjet printing and self-organisation of microdroplets on fluid surfaces to create structures of functional materials.

Green and beautiful: The benefits of embedding electronics in ceramic tiles

Printing electronics into ceramic building materials could offer a functional and aesthetic way to bring solar energy into structures, and encourage the adoption of environmental sensors in buildings.

Scalable customisation

How can manufacturers develop sophisticated customisable products at scale, which are affordable both for the manufacturer and for the consumer? IfM researchers have been collaborating with NSG Pilkington on late-stage customisation for large curved glass surfaces.

Fundamentals of Inkjet Printing: The Science of Inkjet and Droplets

From droplet formation to final applications, this practical book presents the subject in a comprehensive and clear form, using only content derived from the latest published results.

Diagnosing deadly diseases: combining biotechnology and manufacturing

Engineers and scientists from Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing and Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology groups have joined forces to develop an on-the-spot low-cost tool for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Advanced manufacturing - From research to real products

Dr Ronan Daly, from the IfM?s Inkjet Research Centre and founder of the new Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing Group, explains why taking a cross-disciplinary approach to advanced manufacturing research has the potential to deliver solutions to some of the world?s most pressing problems.

50 years of tribology

From wind farms to data storage, from deodorants to floor tiles, tribology is involved in many aspects of modern life yet most people have never heard of the word, let alone know what it means.

Leonardo da Vinci: the first systematic study of friction

Friction is immensely important to us ? without it, for example, we could not walk or even crawl yet it is only 50 years since a special word tribology was first coined to describe its study. Professor Ian Hutchings who leads the Inkjet Research Centre at the IfM has recently had a paper published on Leonardo da Vinci and his studies of Friction.

Liquid assets: fluids in advanced manufacturing

Understanding fluids and their behaviour is key to developing new manufacturing processes and a wide range of applications.

Self-Healing and Smart Coatings: The Future of Materials

Dr Ronan Daly describes new research into sensors and smart surfaces can be designed and deployed to extend the operating life of machinery and manufactured products.

Inkjet technology for digital fabrication

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the use of inkjet printing for digital fabrication along with practical information on industrial applications, with contributions from academic researchers and leading names in industry.

Inkjet printing in micro-manufacturing: opportunities and limitations

Professor Ian Hutchings, GKN Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at the IfM, discusses the possibilities of using ink-jet printing technology for manufacturing very small things out of metal, ceramics and polymers.

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