Diagnosing deadly diseases: combining biotechnology and manufacturing

Engineers and scientists from Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing and Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology groups have joined forces to develop an on-the-spot low-cost tool for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Advanced manufacturing - From research to real products

Dr Ronan Daly, from the IfM?s Inkjet Research Centre and founder of the new Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing Group, explains why taking a cross-disciplinary approach to advanced manufacturing research has the potential to deliver solutions to some of the world?s most pressing problems.

Liquid assets: fluids in advanced manufacturing

Understanding fluids and their behaviour is key to developing new manufacturing processes and a wide range of applications.

Self-Healing and Smart Coatings: The Future of Materials

Dr Ronan Daly describes new research into sensors and smart surfaces can be designed and deployed to extend the operating life of machinery and manufactured products.

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