Control System for Ultra Precision Processing


High precision manufacturing of nano- and micro-sized objects has become the focus of industrial research due to a need to cram ever more into smaller devices. From smart phones to glucose monitors, today’s technologies are entrenched within the ideals of miniaturization, resulting in high precision manufacturing as a dominant market force.


Traditional macro-manufacturing (≥ 10 μm parts and features) use closed loop monitoring and feedback to detect errors and correct them during processing, resulting in lower production defects. However, this is much more difficult to accomplish on the micro- and nanoscales. To this end, the goal of this project is to create a closed loop system capable of delivering high-precision laser processing for rapid micro- and nano-production.


Two metrologies systems, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and digital holographic microscopy (DHM), will be used to provide in-situ inspection and feedback. The system also features a nanometre precision 5-axis stage and various other monitoring to maintain beam alignment and consistency (e.g. average power, beam shape). Four different processing wavelengths (355 nm, 532 nm, 1030 nm, and 1064 nm), two different pulse durations (< 15 ps and 300 fs), and a variable repetition rate from single pulse to 2 MHz are available to process most materials. This project also represents the first part of the Precision Laser FIB Platform, responsible for bulk removal and characterization before final finishing with a FIB.



Ultra precision laser processing platform 


  • Glass welding
  • Ultrafast laser turning
  • Laser processed sidewall correction




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